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create Perfect Money account

create Perfect Money account

Previously, we explained the advantages of using the Perfect Money system in details. If this payment system has attracted your attention and now you intend to use its unique capabilities, the first step is to create a Perfect Money account, but the process may be a bit difficult for you. We will continue to provide training on how to create a Perfect Money Account and how to verify it, as well as explaining its various parts.

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Steps to create a verified Perfect Money account

If you want to use Perfect Money unlimited, you will need to take two steps: 1. Create an account on Perfect Money website. 2. Verifying your account.

After you create your account on Perfect Money web site, you will be required to verify your account in order to benefit from all services without limitation.

Authentication or verification of the user account on Perfect Money system is done through providing three different types of documentation: 1. Identity card verification (passport, driver’s license). 2. Utility bill (gas, water, etc) 3. Phone number verification.

Steps to create an account on Perfect Money website

What you need to do to create your account is to navigate to and click on ‘Signup’ from the top of the page.

pm signup

In the new page, you will see a form that will ask you to provide a set of basic information for registration. The image below shows what you will need to provide for registration.

pm registration form

Here are some of the points you need to consider in creating your PM account:

  • Enter your real information, otherwise you will encounter problems later on the authentication process.
  • Your Account name is an optional name that your account will be called with that. You will not use it for login.
  • Enter your mobile phone number so that the verification process will be done through SMS.
  • Decide on the type of use you are going to have with your PM account and choose ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ based on that.
  • Read the terms of service carefully before you click the ‘I agree with terms and conditions’ box.

Finally, click the ‘Register’ button. If all the provided information is true and valid, you will see a welcome page like this, otherwise it will display an error message and ask you to edit your information.

pm welcome page

On the welcome page, you can see that Perfect Money has sent you an email containing your user ID. Go to your Inbox and open the email with the ‘Welcome to Perfect Money payment system!’ subject.

pm mail verification

Copy your personal member ID that you can see in your email.

pm personal id

Now go back to the Perfect Money home page and this time click on ‘Login’.

Enter your member ID and password and click ‘Authorize’ to enter your account.

pm login

You will now be able to access your user account which looks like what you see in the picture below.

pm dashboard

How to verify Perfect Money account?

More important than creating a Perfect Account is the authentication process. To verify your account, click on the ‘Modify settings’ option under ‘Current Account security settings’. On the new page, click ‘Verification Management’ under the ‘Account Verification’ section.

On the next page, you will be able to verify your account.

pm verify account

  • Name Validation – This section is for sending your identity document. The important point is that the identity of the registered account must be the same with the document you are submitting. You can use a driver’s license or a passport for this purpose.
  • Address Validation – In this section, you must send a scan of a document confirming your address. To do this, you can scan your utility bills, such as electricity, water, etc.
  • Phone Validation – This section only activates when you have confirmed your identity and address. This is done by receiving a call on the number you entered at the time of registration.

Perfect Money account types and rating

Perfect Money has a system for rating users that has a specific mechanism. In order to simplify the process of transactions between individuals, Perfect Money divides users into three separate types.

  • Normal – This status is given to all newly registered users and there is no limitation in using the system for this type.
  • Premium – This status is set at a certain level after one year or after the trading volume is fixed on a certain amount. If your account is in this status, you pay less transaction fee.
  • Partner – This status is given to users who have been directly verified by Perfect Money Management.

Trust Score rating system

Trust Score is a numeric value given to each account in Perfect Money. This value specifies the validity of the activities of its owner.

  • Productivity – The number of accounts involved in transactions.
  • Volume – The amount of credit that has been transferred.
  • Time – Age of an account (time since the initial transaction).
  • Feedback – Indicates the complaint or satisfaction of individuals about your activities.
  • Amount – Account balance based on the minimal level for the last month.

The minimum Trust Score is 0, while there is no maximum for this value. The trust score of newly registered users is initially 0 and may become more or less dependent on your activity. This rating is visible in the User Panel dashboard and in the Member Area section.

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