they exchange service refereed to is a scam


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این وب سایت هیچگونه ارتباطی با پروژه های معرفی شده در سایت ندارد. سرمایه گذاری در پروژه های آنلاین همانند پروژه های فیزیکی دارای ریسک بوده و تصمیم به سرمایه گذاری و هر گونه سود و زیان به عهده شخص شماست. چنانچه به هر دلیل فکر میکنید نمیتوانید در این تجارت موفق باشید از هر گونه سرمایه گذاری در پروژه ها جدا بپرهیزید.


قیمت لحظه ای

Change Coin Instant BTC Exchange: Scam or paying?  This review of will give you the information you need about the platform and also save you from making the wrong decision.

What You Should Know About ChangeCoin claims it is an exchange platform where you can exchange your bitcoin to Ethereum, and your Ethereum to USD either through Pax, Perfect money, Payeer, Visa Card. . Furthermore, users can also buy or sell E-money. They are guaranteeing the public:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Reliable Protection;
  3. Profitable exchange rate;


Should You Trust Exchanger With Your Bitcoin?

The answer is NO. We are not convinced with this platform. First and foremost,  they are an anonymous lot. This is not how the exchange market works. You need to be certain of those you would be giving your bitcoin to, and not just any random wash wash site. This is enough red flag to stay away from them. Another reason why you should stay away from this lot is that there are no reviews online about them, neither is there any proof for us to believe their history. This is enough indication that they are not what they claim to be.

How Does This Exchanger Work

What those behind this website do is collect your coins with the promise of sending you the coin you need to the wallet address you provide, but they wouldn’t keep their end of the bargain. The worst is, they are an anonymous lot so you wouldn’t know who to hold accountable when they fail to fulfill  their end of the bargain..


Stay away from! They are fake Crypto Exchangers. There are no proofs to their authenticity. It is not an Automatic cryptocurrency exchange. The Reviews are unverifiable.

 Our Recommendation

You can invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, ethereum e.t.c and make profits. Lots of investors are keying into this huge promising opportunity which is the rave of the moment.



این سایت بیت کوین و اتریوم را با قیمت غیر واقعی تبدیل میکند و زمانیکه شما بیت کوین را واریز کردید دیگر خبری از تحویل اتریوم نیست. گول نخورید.
سایت زیر تبلیغات این وبسایت را انجام میدهد و با یک فیلم ساختگی شما را فریب می دهد.با وعده درآمد روزانه $350 
لطفا فریب نخورید هیچ جای دنیا پول مفت به کسی نمی دهند.
SCAM 100%

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